*Positions of advertisement baners are specially arranged with Organizer.
Baner placement is included in the price of renting advertising space.




General conditions of exhibition (further in the text: General conditions) regulate relations between corporation and physical person who filled in
Registration form, as Exhibitor and Bjelovarski sajam d.o.o. as Organizer.
Under the term Exhibitor are also persons who work according to the order and for the exhibitor.


The Exhibitor registrates his participation at 28. INTERNATIONAL AUTUMN BJELOVAR FAIR, 5. FIFTH ELEMENT, 3. HOROP and 3. GRO-KO (11. – 13.9. 2020.) (further in the text: Fair), by Registration form which is a component part of these General conditions. With filled and verified Registration form Exhibitor declares that he is in accordance with General conditions and that he accepts them. The registration must be submited on official Bjelovar Fair Registration form. Final term for registration is 21.8. 2020. The Organizer confirms receipt of the Registration form, invoices the obligatory Registration fee in the amount of 85,00 Eur + VAT, which is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the Exhibitor’s exposure, and all other services ordered.


By signing the registration for exhibitor on Bjelovar Fair, Form A and B, the undersigned declares that has from Bjelovar Fair d.o.o. from Bjelovar, VAT-ID HR95270568579 received and read privacy policy dated May 22, 2018, and is fully acquainted with the purpose, basis and type of processing of his personal dana. Exhibitor agrees that dana processing manager collects and processes his / her personal dana listed in the registration form for the exhibitor: name, surname, address, VAT-ID, number of giro account, telephone, cell phone, e-mail address, fax, website. The above-mentioned personal dana may be used solely for the purpose of renting the exhibition space, technical, marketing and other offered services to the exhibitior and placing the invoice for the performed service. Data processing manager can not, without the consent of the exhibitior, transfer the collected personal data to third parties.


The Organizer reserves the right to cancel Exhibitor’s partcipation on Fair insofar he estimates that Registration form does not correspond to contents and quality of fair performance or for some other substantial reasons. Organizer reserves the right to forbid exhibition and withdraw exhibitor’s products from exhibition area insofar he estimates that those products do not correspond to Exhibitor’s statements, and remove them at Exhibitor’s cost. If fair schedule requires or allows, Organizer can assign to Exhibitor smaller or bigger area than registered and after issuing confirmation of receipt as well as assiging another exhibition space.


Exhibitor can cancel participation to Organizer in written at least 7 days before Fair opening. In case the Exhibitor cancels already concluded Registration he is obliged to pay registration fee and other efectively charged costs. If and when the Organizer does not accept cancellation or it is delivered in less than 7 days before Fair opening, the Organizer can charge Exhibitor for ordered space and all services provided until that moment.


The Exhibitor is not allowed to put out to sublease the exhibit space or part of exhibit space to a third person without previous written agreement with


The Organizer also has a right to reject the Registration in following cases:
• if and when the Exhibitor is in bankruptcy proceedings or liquidation proceedings,
• if and when the Organizer has ancollected claims toward Exhibitor,
• if and when the Exhibitor does not provide necessary documents on Organizer’s request,
• if and when the requested space is already sold out.


The Exhibitor will perform direct sale on Fair in accordance with valid regulations provided that he is registered for the same.


Economic and promotional activities at the Fair may be organized in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia. For any advertising
action outside the exhibitor’s exhibition space, the Organizer’s special approval is required. The use of electronic devices or other devices that produce noise levels greater than 65 decibels is prohibited in the exhibition space. The release of music at the exhibitor’s exhibition space is subject to the copyright law and the Organizer does not accept any material liability for the obligations arising on that basis.
The advertising space at the fairground means any area outside the exhibitor’s exhibition space as well as the one that exceeds the permitted height of
250 cm in indoor areas, provided that the height does not affect other exhibitors and that the Organizer has granted the approval. Advertising space is charged according to the valid Organizer prices.


During the preparatory works, during the fair and during the dismantling period of the fair, the organizer may freely photograph, record audio and video clips and use them for their own promotion without permission of the recorded persons.
Exhibitors are required to receive the consent of the Organizer for all footage on the fairground.


The Organizer will according to filled Registration and Order form issue an offer for ordered exhibition space and other services which are presently payable at Organizer’s account number HR4324020061100004959 (Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.) or HR3323400091110676795 (Privredna
banka Zagreb d.d.). The Exhibitor is obliged to perform the payment to Organizer’s account in term ordered in offer. After payment in terms ordered in offer, Organizer will issue an invoice for the advance payment, and after the fair the final invoice of the services ordered as well as any subsequent realized expenses. For every day of postponed paying of the invoice the Organizer can charge legal default interests. The complaints about the invoice should be delivered in 10 days from issuing date. The complaints made later on will not be considered.


The exhibitor is commited to insure at his own expense in insurance company his equiment and exhibition products from damage, devastation,
fracture, breaking in, stealing, in case of natural disaster or force majure, he is commited to respect regulations of fire prevention, to maintain showroom on his own cost, to be in his exhibit area during working hours for exhibitors (determined in Instructions for exhibitors), to give over the premises and equipment to the Organizer at the end of the fair manifestation in the state he received them.
The exhibitor agrees to settle any damage he has made to the Organizer, other exhibitor, visitor or third parties at the time of the preparation or
dismantling period of the fair or during the fair. The exhibitor is also liable for damages caused by his employee, sub-contractor or other person for whom he is liable.
In case of damage (theft, damage, etc.) the Exhibitor is obliged to report the damage as soon as possible to the Organizer and, if necessary, report it to the relevant police station.


The organizer is not responsible for the vehicles left at the fairground or parking space by exhibitors or their employees.


After performed payment the Exhibitor has a right to free exhibitor cards/accreditations depeding on size of rented exhibition space.
For closed/halfclosed space size up to 15m2 or open space size up to 40m2 – 3 accreditations. For each additional 15m2 closed/halfclosed or 40m2 open space exhibitor has the right to one more accreditation. For rented fair stand or small wooden house – 2 accreditations. Based on the written request of the exhibitor and due to justified reasons, the Organizer can increase the number of issued accreditations to exhibitor.
Exhibitor is obliged to show the accreditation to the fair staff at any entrance to the fairground.
In case of improper use of accreditation, the Organizer can retain accreditation from the exhibitor.


The Exhibitor is obliged to adjust and arrange his showrooms at least one day before Fair opening. Exhibitors whose height of the exhibition space in indoor areas exceeds 250 cm in height, must obtain the consent of the Organizer for arranging the exhibition space.


Assembly and disassembly of exhibition space is exactly determined by Instructions for exhibitors or by agreement with the Organizer. If special
circumstances require otherwise, specified time limits may be extended or shortened.


The exhibitor must allow the passage of all installations necessary for the technical or decorative arrangement of the exhibition space or exhibition space of another exhibitor.


Departure of the exhibition space before the official announcement of the end of the fair without the consent of the Organizer is prohibited.


In case if Exhibitor violates any of above mentioned decision, the Organizer has the right to forbid him to take part at the Fair. In that case Exhibitor carries all the costs from General conditions and all possible other costs. For all uncollected claims from Exhibitor, the Organizer has a right to keep all merchandise brought at the Fair up to the value of unsettled obligations. The Organizer stores kept objects at Exhibitor’s cost.


In the event that the Fair is not possible due to extraordinary  circumstances for which neither party is responsible, the Organizer undertakes to
issue a voucher to each registered Exhibitor who has paid the total price for participation at the Fair, and based on which he will be able to participate at the first next Fair, without paying additional fees.
Registered Exhibitors who have paid a part of the price for participation at the Fair that is not held due to the circumstances reffered in the paragraph 1 of this article, the Organizer undertakes to issue a voucher for the first next Fair, provided that the Exhibitors pays the rest to the full price until deadline provided by Organizer, for participation at the Fair for which they were issued a voucher. If the Exhibitor requests a refund of the amount paid for participation in the Fair which is not held due to the circumstances referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, and instead of issuing vouchers, the Organizer is obliged to return the amount to the Exhibitor, but less actual costs incurred by the Organizer participation in the Fair. The Organizer is obliged to return the amount to the Exhibitor within 14 days after the expiration of 180 days from the cessation of the circumstances referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article.


The Organizer reserves the right to withdraw from the organization of the Fair, regardless of the circumstances referred to in Article XX, of which withdrawal shall notify the registered Exhibitor in writing no later than eight days before the intended start of the Fair.
If for some other reasons the date of the Fair is changed or shortened, the Exhibitor has no right to withdraw, cancel or make any other requests, and
especially no right to claim damages from the Organizer.


All possible objections the Exhibitor is obliged to submit to the Organizer in writing in the shortest possible period.
Subsequent objections will not be accepted.


The court in Bjelovar is authorized in case of conflict.


These registration and order forms have the same importance as leasing contract or temporary usage of fair business showroom.
All that is not specified herein, is specified by the special informative attachment of the fair: Instructions for exhibitors, contractors and other




28. Autumn fair



28. Autumn fair





28. Autumn fair (PDF)



28. Autumn fair (PDF)