Even in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, The Bjelovar Fair is working!

Although the 23rd Spring Fair has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Gudovac Fair is in full swing.

In compliance with all measures of the National Headquarters, work is underway to arrange additional exhibition spaces. Although with all the measures the work is going a bit slower, additional 10.000 square meters of new open spaces are already in the final stages.

Earthworks have been completed, new installations, water and electricity connections, and lighting poles have been installed. This is followed by asphalting arranging of the promenades.

It is difficult to predict when the pandemic will end and when the first exhibitors and visitors will step on the Gudovac Fairground, but that is why the employees of the Bjelovar Fair will be ready to welcome them with a new and larger exhibition spaces.

Podijeli objavu!