„Small School of beekeeping“ at fair place Gudovac

As part of the announcement of the 16th International Beekeeping Fair, a “Small School of Beekeeping” was held at Fair place Gudovac, at which representatives of the Bjelovar-bilogora county Beekeepers Association presented the most important things of the sweetest work to the students of the Gudovac Regional Primary School.

Everything about bees, their life, lifespan, appearance, work, community life, drones, pollination, honey production, beekeeping equipment was conveyed to them by Goran Pranjić, president of the Beekeepers Association of Bjelovar-Bilogora County, who is also a beekeeper, and Vera Marušić from the family farm Marušić.

Students were given the opportunity to try on a beekeeping suit, protective gloves, learned to handle beekeeping equipment (honeycomb tray or honeycomb frame, smoker, beekeeper’s chisel, honey whisk, smoke sticks and other beekeeping equipment. They tried several types of honey, which was a real opportunity for the students to have fun and have a good time.

The sponsors of the Small School of Beekeeping were Pčelarstvo Daruvar store and Koestlin d.d.

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