Weekend in Gudovac with small animals and airsoft competitions!

On Saturday and Sunday at the Fair place Gudovac was held the 27th county exhibition of small animals and the 4th Special of the Posavina hen.
The organizers of the exhibition were the Association of Small Animal Breeders “Mali uzgajatelj” Bjelovar, Bjelovar Fair and the Croatian Association of Small Animal Breeders.

Several hundred specimens of small poultry, chickens, various birds and pigeons were presented. The exhibition also had many producers of equipment and food for breeding and keeping small animals, as well as several family farms with their products.

On Sunday, the Airsoft Tactical Shooting Competition (ANTP) was held, organized by the Airsoft Club Alfa, the Sports Community of the City of Sveta Nedjelja and the Bjelovar Fair.

Visitors were able to find content of interest to the whole family in one place, regardless of age, so that several generations of one family could be seen at the fair, from the smallest to the oldest.
This once again confirms that the number of visitors is not questionable with the interesting, diverse and useful contents that have been available at all fair events of the Bjelovar Fair for many years now.

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